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Commercial Highbanker Model
The "810" Highbanker -  will easily move up to 15 gallons  of material per
minute [or more depending on material]. Thats 4.5 cubic yards an hour! The "810"
Highbanker is also easily slowed down to run less than 5 gallons of material per
minute. The  hopper angle is completely adjustable, as well as the 6 legs to give an
almost unlimited angle to increase or decrease velocity! The  classifying screen is
1/2"minus [other options avail.] and the rugged over sized Hopper opening measures

The "810" comes w/ 2 sets of 3/4" riffles [11 riffles per run] w/ slick plates in front of
each set for improved vertical stratification of the material allowing the gold to get to
the bottom of the slurry away from the faster moving upper laminar flow, and then
deposits them directly into the vortex areas of each riffle for a much better recovery.
Even with a 3/4" riffle this design does not have any problem recovering the fine gold
[ 100mesh and smaller] due to the design and spacing of the riffles, the gold is forced
down into the miners moss which sits on ribbed rubber mat to keep the fines from
migrating down the box.

This scaled down design is based around the multiple
Clarkson riffle studies done for
the large scale production mining operations in the Yukon territories. Years of
testing have enabled us to provide a product that performs far more efficiently than
the mass-produced competition. With over 60 yrs combined experience in gold mining
you can be sure your getting the best recovery possible.
click here for
video of the "810"
in action
As with all of our
Highbanker models,
The "810"
disassembles in
under a minute for
ease of transport!
The "810" - comes with a modular  
riffle system that enables easy "on  
site" changing of recovery dynamics  
by allowing the user to move the riffle  
runs around in the sluice to adjust for   
different conditions. The riffle runs  
can be interchanged w/ our other  
riffle/expanded metal designs for  
optimum performance for your  
[Steel model]
Mining Equipment
Mining Equipment,
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Engineered for “Commercial Strength,” the durability of the
rugged construction will last many years even under the most
brutal of environments. The 810 was designed with the total
process in mind, giving you options for future upgrades because
sometimes recovery situations can change depending on your
location. The 810 Highbanker maximizes your time during your
mining operations. Every minute you spend not processing ore
results in gold that stays in the ground. That’s why we design and
manufacture our units to have the highest throughput and gold
recovery percentages on the open market.
( 8-Foot L x 10-Inch W )
HV- Highbanker Hopper shown with  
typical gold pan for size comparison.
"Bubble Brush" Assembly  
is fully adjustable in angle.
Standard on ALL Highbanker models
- Optional -
Quick Disconnect
3" Dredge Hose Adapter
- Optional -
Quick Release
"Big Wheel "

Commercial Highbanker Sales
Brochure (Pricing & Options)
Available in
Aluminum or Steel
Email inquiries/orders to: sales@hecklerfabrication.com    *Phone inquiries/orders:916-782-1777 Roseville CA. 95747
All designs of Heckler Fabrication are sole Copyright - 2014
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