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Commercial Highbanker Model
( 10-Foot L x 10/20-Inch W )
2-piece / 2-Stage unit
7.5+ Tons Per Hour
$2,700 [Steel model]
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Available in
Aluminum or Steel
Fine gold recovery riffle system
Standard recovery system
The 1020-C boasts two sluice boxes that are constructed of either heavy duty 10-gauge [.100] 5052 sheet aluminum or 14-
gauge steel for maximum durability and ease of portability. The first sluice box measures 10-inches wide by 60-inches long
&  includes a 24-inch long slick plate area followed by a "Modified Clarkson" riffle section that is 36-inches in length. The
riffles are 3/4-inch tall. The second sluice box measures 20-inches wide by 60-inches long & includes a 24-inch long slick
plate area followed by a 36-inch long "3lb." expanded metal "riffle" section for high volume fine gold recovery.

The 10-inch primary box utilizes our standard non-spring loaded riffle clamps to ensure proper seal of the riffles to the
matting & box. The secondary 20-inch wide box utilizes heavy duty T-handled riffle clamps that are fully adjustable in
clamping force & also provide clamp height adjustment to enable different types & styles of matting to be used under the
riffles for additional recovery options.
The secondary sluice contains a fully adjustable "slurry diversion plate" with attached rubber flap to enable proper smooth
material distribution from the primary 10-inch box to the secondary 20-inch box.
Both boxes come complete with our unique "Bubble Brush" systems that are fully adjustable in angle to virtually eliminate
bubbles in the material flow as well as provide "fine tuning" of water/slurry velocity without making adjustments to the
actual sluice angles.

The 1020-C’s High Volume Hopper (HV Hopper) is the largest on the open market. Measuring in at 36"x 16".
The HV Hopper is perfect for shoveling or feeding by bucket. Designed and engineered to also accommodate an
optional  3-inch OR 4-inch Dredge hose attachment.
The HV Hopper is constructed of heavy duty .080 aluminum with a TIG welded Aluminum 1-inch square tube frame around
the upper perimeter for added strength.
Also standard are two individually controlled 2-inch spray bars to fine tune the flow into the sluice box.  Designed with the
total process in mind, the hopper has two additional fittings.  The garden hose fitting simplifies washing out the sluice box,
cleaning buckets or attaching additional devices. The 1-1/4-inch fitting further expands the possibilities for your prospecting
trip. Consider the fine gold "scalping" sump system with external additional fine gold sluice or our fine gold Elutriation
Tank [Fluid Bed]. Both, currently in testing.

With the 1020-C, customize the classifying screen to the material size in your prospecting area with your choice ½-inch
[standard] or ¼” screen [optional].

This model features sturdy 1-inch square [.095 thick] “ladder style” framing coupled with easy adjust 1-inch square [.095
thick] legs.
The 1020-C Highbanker is a 2-piece unit modeled after the Clarkson riffle tests. This unit includes two separate sluice
boxes that are fully independent & separately adjustable in angle & flow. The primary sluice box is designed for high
width of the lower secondary box is double that of the primary box to ensure proper water & slurry volumes per inch of
box width. This design helps enable the highest of recovery percentages for the customer.
Engineered for “Commercial Strength,” the durability of the rugged construction
will last many years even under the most brutal of environments. The 510 was
designed with the total process in mind, giving you options for future upgrades
because sometimes recovery situations can change depending on your location.
The 510 Highbanker maximizes your time during your mining operations. Every
minute you spend not processing ore results in gold that stays in the ground. That’s
why we design and manufacture our units to have the highest throughput and gold
recovery percentages on the open market.
Optional 20-in. Quick Release "Big Wheel" kits:
"Standard" kit: $
125 [two wheels]
"upgraded" kit: $
250 [four wheels]
Both kits include all necessary
bracketry & hardware.
Quick release
20in."Big Wheel" kit
Fully adjustable
riffle clamps for
secondary sluice box.
"FG" option replaces the standard  
riffle arrangements with 3# expanded  
in the primary box & 1/2 x #13 small  
expanded in the secondary box.
Note in the secondary box the   
additional expanded riffle "support  
bar" to limit flex of the expanded  
when high clamping pressure is  
applied. The "support bar" is also  
fully adjustable in tension.
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