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"Mini-Max" series Portable Gold Trommel
[ Gas Model ]           STANDARD           $7,480 usd

With "Diesel or Electric" drive system
[ C.S. Diesel ]  Mini-max-CS  [ 7+ Ton/Hr.]  $8,360 usd
[ Kohler Diesel ]  Mini-Max-KD [ 7+Ton/Hr.] $9,280 usd
[ Electric ]         Mini-Max-E   [ 7+Ton/Hr.]   $8,200 usd
- "V" series with Vibrating Pan Feed style Hopper -
[ Electric ] Mini-Max-V   [ 7+ Ton/Hr.]    $13,175 usd
*NEW for 2015*
Diesel Powered!
Mini-Max portable gold & diamond trommel wash plant heckler fabrication
Mini-Max portable gold  & diamond trommel wash plant, Heckler Fabrication
Mini-Max Portable gold & diamond trommel wash plant heckler fabrication
Mini-Max Portable Gold & Diamond trommel wash plant heckler fabrication
Mini-Max portable gold & diamond trommel wash plant heckler fabrication
Mini-Max portable gold & diamnd trommel wash plant heckler fabrication
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Mini-Max series Trommel Wash Plant

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  The Mini-Max Trommel is an extremely portable and versatile unit that can be towed behind an
ATV. The unit has a wide stance and good center of gravity with good ground clearance due to the
included ATV tires which is perfect for difficult terrain. The tow bar is removable by way of a 1/2
inch hitch pin. The Mini-Max can be easily set up and ready to run in a matter of minutes.  The
legs are fully adjustable in height to compensate for varying terrain & also to adjust material
processing rates.
The Mini-Max can be disassembled  without tools into its major components in under 1 minute
to facilitate loading & unloading into/out of a standard truck bed or trailer,  The all steel frame is
fully triangulated for maximum durability while still remaining light weight enough to maneuver
the unit by hand.
This Wash Plant is powered by either a Gas driven [ STANDARD MODEL ] or your choice of TWO
different Diesel driven options OR an Electric driven option is available as well as a
"V" series
model that includes a vibrating Pan Feed style hopper for the ultimate in feed rate washing and tuning
The motor comes with a heavy duty skid plate underneath.
The fuel tank is remote mounted & comes with an inline fuel filter. The heavy duty positive chain
drive system utilizes sealed unit bearings and is fully adjustable in tension both at the motor as
well as the barrel. The drive system is a variable 6-13 RPM design and is strong enough to process
full loads at idle.

The Standard Feed Hopper
[ SAME as supplied with the Standard Mini-Trommel ] comes with a
full spray bar system with a "pusher jet" for quick and easy processing of materials as well as
excellent material washing. It is fully removable with four 3/8 inch locking pins and can be quickly
exchanged with either of our
optional quick release 3 inch or 4 inch Dredge Adapters. The
removable Dredge Adapter is designed to feed directly into the barrel without the need for the
Feed Hopper.
Another option is our new "Clay-Buster" Feed hopper
[Shown in the pictures] which is designed
for High clay environments and can be fed by a mini-excavator or backhoe.

The 2-stage barrel is 8 foot in total length and 15 inch in diameter.
The "Scrubber" section of the
barrel is 48 inch in length
and is loaded with a full array of slurry "turn plates" [material lifting
bars] as well as slurry dams, both of which enable excellent clay and cemented gravel break down
and washing. This unit has one of the largest and best working "Scrubber" sections available for a
unit this size and helps level out the material "surging" that is common with shorter barrels.
The screen portion of the barrel is 36 inch in length and is manufactured from perforated steel
[punch plate] with the highest percentage of "open area" available to help produce some of the
highest Tons per Hour numbers available to the open market.  Classification hole size is 1/2 inch
standard with other sizing options available upon request. The tail section of the barrel contains
two of our "Nugget rings" for retention of over sized values. Not shown is the included safety
cover over the gearing on the barrel.

The water delivery system consists of an adjustable angle- full length spray bar inside the barrel
that is easily removable by way of two quick release pull pins and is fully adjustable in flow rate
with its own gate valve. The Feed Hopper also contains a perimeter spray bar that is also easily
removable as well as adjustable in angle and also comes with its own gate valve for flow
adjustment. The Hopper spray bar also contains a "pusher" jet to aid in consistent material feed
when shoveling or feeding by bucket. The Hopper also has a quick release safety cover to protect
the spray bar from damage and provides a sturdy place to "bang" the shovel clean or rest a
This unit will easily process 2- 4 full five gallon buckets of material per minute so we felt there
was no real need for a "bucket rest" feature in or on the Feed Hopper for this unit [though
available as an option]. The water distribution box also has a connection for a wash out hose.

The included sluice box measures in at 60 inches long by 12 inch wide and is more than adequate
at keeping up with the feed rate associated with this Trommel unit.
Standard riffle design is a  "70/30" mix of 3# Gratex [large expanded] and Hungarian style riffles
that have varied spacing and angles to ensure great recovery percentages of values.
We can also custom tailor the sluice recovery system to the specific recovery needs of
particular operation as well.

Also included with the sluice is one of our infamous 2' long "Raised Slick-Plates" to provide a
smooth flow transition to the riffles which increases recovery #s.
The sluice comes with a full  square tube "ladder" style frame and fully adjustable legs to enable
ease of adjustment of sluice angle.
When setting up for operation, the sluice can be mounted on either side of the Trommel unit with
a single 3/8 inch grade 8 quick release mounting pin which allows for ease of adjustment to most
any angle. When in transport the Sluice box can be mounted to the top of the Trommel frame and
strapped down for safety.  
The largest "Mini" Trommel manufactured in the United States
This Wash Plant is designed to process  heavy clay and comes with a
48" [ 1219mm ] long Scrubber Barrel
twice the length of other Mini Trommels.
Internal view of Scrubber Barrel
[ prior to final welding ]
Standard Feed Hopper Shown
Optional "Clay-Buster" Feed
Hopper Shown
Optional Feed Hopper
For use with Mini Excavator or Backhoe
12" x 60"  
Sluice Box
recovery system
We ship World Wide
Standard Options Available:

Optional Feed Hopper [For use w/ Mini-excavator or Backhoe]                 $1,080 usd

Optional Feed Hopper
[ "Clay-Buster"]                                                           $950 usd

Optional Vibrating Feed Hopper [ Pan Feeder style] 230v single phase  $4,975 usd

Mounted on Small Road-worthy Trailer                                                               $1500 usd

Honda Motor      [ Gas driven models only* ]                                                     $109 usd

Dredge Hose Adapter (3in)                                                                              $380 usd

"Add-On 5' Sluice" [Converts Sluice system to 2-piece /Multi-Stage]          $1,100 usd
Gas driven model shown
Kohler Diesel /
Premium model
Electric Start
C.S. Diesel /
Economy model
Electric Start
Electric driven Model shown
Standard Feed Hopper Shown