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8'x10" Commercial Power sluice / Highbanker
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Heckler Gold Trommel Wash Plants & Large Commercial Highbanker units offer a
"no nonsense" approach to
 high volume efficiency & excellent recovery percentages.
No gimmicks,  just proven quality with extremely durable construction.  
All at an
Mining Equipment
Mining Equipment,
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Highbanker 5'x10"
5'x10" Production Power sluice / Highbanker
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8' long Commercial Highbanker Heckler Fabrication
10' long Commercial Highbanker Heckler Fabricatrion
10'x10" Commercial Power sluice / Highbanker
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4-stage recovery system
option available.
Highbanker 10x10"
Some things that should be considered  
when purchasing any type of gold  
recovery equipment


The considerations listed above will  
aid you in making a more informed
decision on purchasing the right  
equipment the first time.
Brief history of a family with three generations afflicted by "Gold Fever"!

Three generations of my family are, or have been miners. Starting w/ my Grandpa "Pop"  
back in the early fifties, Using a 4' wide sluice, fed with an overly large Grizzly and 'Dozer.   
Stories  of Pop and my dad [Don] bringing home Mason jars full of large nuggets from the El  
Dorado creek area above Foresthill CA still gets me excited.  Some years later My dad started  
Dredging in the same local area, & did very well. Others came to the conclusion that his  
dredge designs worked very well and so began the part-time business of building dredges for  
others. He built ones for customers from California all the way to Alaska. Most of them are still   
in use today, a testament to his ability to design and maufacture whatever mining equipment  
he was building at the time. Growing up around this, its no wonder my brother and I caught  
the  fever too! It also taught us everything needed to build quality items that will last for many  
years to c
Portable Gold Trommel /Wash Plant
Model # 159
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7' long x 24
Heckler Fabrication
specializes in  custom built
portable wash plant units
of many sizes & styles.
Don't see what you're
looking for?  Feel free to
call / Email for an estimate
on a unit that is designed
for your specific gold
recovery needs.
10'x18" Commercial FINE GOLD  Highbanker
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Highbanker 1020-C
1020-C Commercial Power sluice / Highbanker
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Heckler Fabrication
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Vibrating Feed Hopper
  1. Processing rate [through-put].
  2. Accuracy of gold recovery for
    given processing rate.
  3. Recovery style:  gravity,
    hydraulic, vortice, etc.
  4. Durability [longevity] of unit.
  5. Resistance to riffle scouring.
  6. Classification size & method.
  7. Type/size of material feed
    system [hopper, etc.] you are
  8. How you'll feed the unit, IE:
    shovel, bucket, hand, mini
    excavator, backhoe, large
  9. Type [shape] and size of gold
    [historically] in the area.
Portable Gold Trommel Wash Plant
Model # 159-V
4-stage recovery system
option available.
24 inch portable gold trommel 20-25 yard per hour
Portable Gold Trommel Wash Plant
          Model # 2410
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Email for options & pricing.
159 gold trommel wash plant
v-series trommel wash plant
2410 gold trommel wash plant
"Mini" Gold Trommel Wash Plant
15in. diameter x 72in. L,
Gas/Diesel or Elec. driven,
with 60in. x 10in. sluice box.
Towable by way of ATV.
Now accepting orders
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Mini Trommel