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5' Highbanker Heckler Fabrication
Production Highbanker Model
$ 989.
[As pictured]
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Engineered for “Commercial Strength,” the durability of the rugged construction will
last many years even under the most brutal of environments. The 510 Highbanker was
designed with the total process in mind, giving you options for future upgrades
because sometimes recovery situations can change depending on your location. The
510 Highbanker maximizes your time during your mining operations. Every minute you
spend not processing ore results in gold that stays in the ground. That’s why we design
and manufacture our units to have the highest throughput and gold recovery
percentages on the open market.
( 5-Foot L x 10-Inch W )
HV- Highbanker Hopper shown with     
typical gold pan for size comparison.
"Bubble Brush" Assembly  
Fully adjustable in angle.
Standard on ALL Highbanker models
- Optional -
Quick Disconnect 3"
Dredge Hose Adapter
(Fits ALL "HV" Hoppers )
Shown with optional
Quick release
20in."Big Wheel" kit

Commercial Highbanker Sales
Brochure (Pricing & Options)
2-Stage riffle system
510 Highbanker

Fine gold recovery riffle system
Replaces Standard riffles
with 3# Gratex Expanded    $1,064

2-Stage 510
Replaces Standard riffles
with a 50/50 combination of
3# Gratex Expanded and
Hungarian & Clarkson riffles  $1,064
Additional Highbanker options listed
in  Downloadable PDF Sales Brochure
FG-510 Highbanker
Email inquiries/orders to: sales@hecklerfabrication.com    *Phone inquiries/orders:916-782-1777 Roseville CA. 95747
All designs of Heckler Fabrication are sole Copyright - 2014
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